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As per Morevisas Reviews, you all know, the people who are coming from the abroad wish to enter the US must acquire a visa. Ensure that a visa will not offer a guarantee for a person to permit into the US country. But the visa will help to decide the eligibility of an individual who looks for permit into the US. You must know this; the permit of an each individual in the US will be decided by the Customs and Border Protection and the Department of Homeland Security.

The Visas are Classified into 2 types they are:-

  1. Non-immigrant visa
  2. Immigrant visa

Based on the Morevisas reviews the Non-immigrant visa is granted to the people, who would like to travel to foreign countries for the temporary purpose for pleasure and business. Whereas the immigrant visa is granted to the people who want to live permanently in the foreign country.

How to Get Non-immigrant visa? – Morevisas Reviews


These types of visa are granted for the international travelers who look for to enter the US for the temporary duration of time. The travelers may visit the US for the different reasons that may include medical treatment, pleasure, business, tourism and also for the other reason.

The types of visa which are required by the person are usually defined based on the immigration law on the plan of the visit to the US. For the non-immigrant applicants, it is essential to determine that what kind of visa is required in order to travel and must prepare the essential evidence. If you need more details you can go through morevisas Chennai review

Types of Nonimmigrant Visa: – Students Attending US Schools, NAFTA Professionals, Pleasure or Business Visitors, Exchange visitors, Temporary visitors and so on.

General Needs


You must ensure that the non-immigrants who look to enter the US based on the temporary basis must follow the immigration which is offered by the immigration law:-

  • They should demonstrate the financial support during his stay
  • Should obey the rules of admission by the immigration to the US
  • The intended applicant should leave the US at the end of legal stay
  • Home in the non-immigrant’s country should handle by the applicant
  • The main thing is the visit to the foreign country should be temporary

Information regarding the Non-immigrant E visa


You know, E-visa is one of the categories of non-immigrant visa, which are further divided into 2 types like E-1 Treaty Trader Visa and E-2 Treaty Investor Visa. These 2 visas need similar requirements.

An E-1 Treaty Trader visa is mainly developed for the employees and owners of the similar nationality, as an owner of the company he will plan to enter US in order to carry out the trade internationally between the US and the other nationality country.

An E-2 Treaty Investor visa is mainly developed for the employees and owners of the similar nationality, their owner’s plan is to design and direct the operations which the foreigner has invested.

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